Wednesday, February 8, 2023
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    Rebecca Horn Black on Finding a Job That Doesn’t Feel Like Work

    Rebecca Horn Black is a photo director and a creative producer. Her professional journey is full of unexpected twists and turns. We discuss what it was like being a woman and heading the photo department at Playboy as well as the surprising success of the documentary film she co-produced, the Queen of Versailles.

    Susan Slaughter on Paranormal Activity

    Susan Slaughter is a paranormal investigator. You may know her from the Ghost Hunters franchise. When she's not 'ghost' hunting, she's acting in films, appearing in the Travel Channel's Paranormal Caught On Camera, or curating her immersive music and film experiences known as Slaughterhaus. We discuss positive haunts and negative haunts, how to become a ghost hunter, discovering alien artifacts, living in the desert, and more.

    Introducing GXRL

    Introducing the GXRL podcast. A weekly conversation with inspiring women. Subscribe now. New episodes coming every Tuesday!

    Must Read

    The Tree of Life

    I just wanted to be in my car, with the windows up, listening to anything—a podcast, a book on tape, a wailing cat in heat—anything other than the sound of these voices in this clearing.

    Books: Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi

    Persepolis is a graphic memoir written and illustrated by Marjane Satrapi. It is an emotional, informative, and humorous memoir about what it was like...

    Books: Greedy: Notes from a Bisexual Who Wants Too Much

    Jen Winston’s debut essay collection, Greedy: Notes from a Bisexual Who Wants Too Much, begins with a scene in which she is gazing at...