September Tarotscopes for Virgo Season


Tarot reader Monica Olive provides readings for each astrological sign based on Virgo season, the Major Arcana card your sign rules, and an intuitive pull. May these tarotscopes bring you clarity and understanding this Virgo season.

VIRGO – aug 23 – sept 22

Virgo card : The hermit

Intuitive pull: queen of wands

Happy solar return, VIRGO! While you will always do well to listen to your intuition and go within to feel calm and happy, the combinations of these cards shows that you could clearly do well to get out this month! Adding a dose of confidence and a few (safe) social events could really serve you during this time. Tap into your creativity and courage- creating something or trying something new could be incredibly inspiring for you. Write, paint a picture, even just go on a hike with a friend who is meaningful to you- these enriching activities could help you feel your best self and bring out your inner social butterfly. Meditate on these cards to see how their energy could help you most this birthday season!

LIBRA – sept 23 – oct 22

Libra card: Justice

Intuitive pull: 6 of wands

Justice is a card of cause and effect, so paired with the 6 of wands, your month is showing you it’s time to celebrate, Libra! You’ve clearly put in the work, and the results are nothing short of triumphant this month…so enjoy! You deserve to feel proud of getting positive outcomes from the time and effort you have put in. Indulge in something that makes you feel proud or adored. Buy yourself something you’ve been eyeing for a while, or take yourself on a (safe) staycation. With everything going on in the world right now, it will feel good to celebrate reasons to feel grateful and happy.

SCORPIO – oct 23 – nov 21

Scorpio card : Death

Intuitive pull: 2 of Cups

Although Death sounds like a scary card, Scorpio, it’s all about transition and rebirth. So paired with the 2 of Cups means that you are in for a special treat! A new romance or important business partnership could be brewing, so take advantage of that energy! While transitions can be difficult when we resist them, the energy of these two cards paired will be incredibly beneficial and fun. If you are in a committed relationship already, think of ways to reignite the love you felt for that person in the beginning, and why you decided to commit to begin with. Think of creative ways to spice up your love life, Scorpio – I know you have that sexy energy in you!

SAGITTARIUS – nov 22 – Dec 21

Sagittarius card: Temperance

Intuitive pull: X of Pentacles

Sagittarius, this combo of cards is all about balance and a happy family life. If you feel out of balance with yourself, check in – when you feel balanced it should really promote the feelings of happiness inside the home. Finances, family, pets, and general wellbeing should about for you at his time! If these things feel less than ideal for you at this moment, know that Temperance is key – the give and take should feel fluid and generally happy. If it doesn’t, do what you need to do to make yourself feel balanced and happy and the rest should fall into place for you! Meditate, help ground your energy and spend some time to make sure you feel steady and your outer life will begin to mirror that.


CAPRICORN – Dec 22 – Jan 19

Capricorn card: The Devil

Intuitive pull: Knight of Cups

This month, you should focus on your emotions instead of work, Capricorn! It is easy to get out of control and fall into patterns that do not serve us, and the knight of cups warns us of this. If you focus on your emotional state without checking out with substances or overwhelming the people in life that you love, you will see your emotional life really thrive this month. However, if you allow your baser impulses to control your thinking, you could end up going too far in the wrong direction. Try to put down work for a few days and reaching out to people you love, or taking that special someone on a (safe) date! You won’t regret it!

AQUARIUS – Jan 20 – Feb 18

Aquarius card: The Star

Intuitive pull: 9 of Pentacles

This month is all about enjoying the fruits of your labor, and inspiring the people around you with hope that they could do the same. You are always an inspirational being, but this combo of cards really encourages you to see all of the amazing things you have to be grateful for, and truly enjoy the finer things in life. Look around at all the beautiful things you’ve manifested in your life, and feel confident in your ability to lead by example. Your appreciation of the wonderful things you’ve cultivated in your life will inspire others to want to do the same in their lives! Live it up this month, Aquarius!

PISCES – Feb 19 – March 20

Pisces card: The Moon

Intuitive pull: Queen of Cups

Your ever changing moods can be complicated, Pisces, but this month is all about flowing with your emotions. If you maintain a flow state, and stay confident in expressing your emotions, you should feel more emotionally stable and compassionate this month. Remember, Pisces, you are ruled by the moon, so pay extra attention to the lunar cycles (and your own, if you’re female!) And release the things that are no longer serving your emotional or spiritual life. Take some time to write your intentions during the new moon, paying close attention to your emotional needs, and it will serve you greatly during this phase.

ARIES – Mar 21 – April 19

Aries Card: The Emperor

Intuitive pull: King of Wands

Aries, this is your time to shine! You always have that loyalty and analytical mind that can help others in times of need, but with the extra energy of the King of Wands, this energy is compounded with your leadership abilities! Honor your masculine energy this month (no matter your gender!) And focus on your vision for the future. If you’re feeling like beginning a new project, now is the time! Your power and any entrepreneur-type endeavors will be extra potent this month, so breathe in that energy and feel confident that it will not go unnoticed. Meditate on your power and vision, and know that people will look up to you for it.


TAURUS – April 20 – May 20

Taurus card: The Hierophant

Intuitive pull: The Empress

Ever the impressive student, your craving for knowledge and elevation through learning compounds powerfully with another major arcana card, The Empress. Take time this month to learn from the powerful women in your life – understand that everyone has things they can teach us, but you will specifically benefit from learning from the divine feminine this month. The embodiment of beauty, nature, and fertile femininity, the energy of the Empress exists everywhere – so look for it and learn from it. Go for a hike, spend time in nature, or get advice from the powerhouse women in your life, and your month will be profound. 

GEMINI – May 21 – June 20

Gemini card: The Lovers

Intuitive pull: 9 of Cups

Gemini, you have always been the embodiment of dual natures. In combination with the 9 of Cups, it’s very clear that if you decide to take the “high road” this month, all the things you desire will become available to you this month. This is a very powerful combination that can call to mind your moral values, and the amazing outcomes that can come about if you focus on love this month, rather than fear. Spend some time on self-love, self-care, and love for your fellow human, and the results will be everything you dreamed and more. 


CANCER – June 21 – July 22

Cancer card: The Chariot

Intuitive pull: 2 of Wands

Though you value your security, Cancer, your intuition can help you rise above all of the intensity that’s going on in the world right now. This is a perfect time to focus on making plans for your future, important decisions, and daydreaming about your innate desire for freedom and the open road. Even if you can’t physically travel, your mind can take you to beautiful places, or you can explore some of the amazing digital experiences that are available online in these wild times. Explore the world from your computer screen if you can’t safely travel outside at the moment, and use the inspiration and your innate intuition to help inspire you for future adventures.

LEO – July 23 – Aug 22

Leo card: Strength

Intuitive pull: King of Swords

This month, you will find emotional strength and courage in truth, mental clarity, and mental fortitude, Leo. You are always brave and confident, but when you specifically concentrate on clarity this month, it will do you well. Spend some time this month making peace with the important truths in your life. What will make you feel most clear? What are you hiding from? You have the strength both mentally and physically to tackle these important questions, and when you do…you will thrive!

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